When is the next steam sale? all upcoming sales in 2022


When exactly is the next Steam sale and what is it called? Which games will go on sale and for how long? Here is the ultimate guide to lớn Steam sales.

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The 2022 Steam Winter Sale will start on the 22nd December (2022) và last until the 5th of January (2023).

The 2021 Steam Winter Sale started on the 22nd December (2021) & lasted until the 5th of January (2022).

Being one of the two largest sales on the platform, the exact starting và ending dates are kept secret và only released khổng lồ the public not long before the event takes place.

Usually, the Winter Sale begins a few days before New Year’s Eve & lasts for about a week after it.

As with the Summer Sale, the event is often accompanied by smaller mini-events where you can earn collectible rewards, points, và everything else that helps you show off your profile and collector ambitions in front of the huge Steam audience.

If you have some spare time during the winter holidays, keep a close eye on the Winter Sale, as some of the discounted offers in Steam’s store during this sự kiện will make you freeze from excitement.

How Long bởi Steam Sales Last?

Steam sales và events happen quite often, but not all of them are the same.

Some events will only last for a couple of days, while the two largest sales, such as the Steam summer và winter sales, last for approximately two weeks.

Other Steam sales based on popular real-world events, such as black Friday & Lunar New Year, can last for an entire week.

With that being said, the two winners for the most awaited events category on this platform remain lớn be the annual winter và summer sales.

Steam Sale Tips

Expanding your Steam library collection is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable hobbies for đoạn clip game enthusiasts.

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However, it costs money, & if you want lớn be successful in it long-term và build a rich collection, you must use your funds strategically.

Steam sales are often present lớn brighten our day with glorious discounts, and here’s how you can get the most out of them.

Use Your Wishlist

In the heat of a Steam sale, when rapid purchasing is what most users do, it’s quite easy to thua trận track and miss the trò chơi you’ve been waiting lớn go on sale for so long.

That is why it’s so important to địa chỉ games to lớn your wishlist, so when they bởi go on sale, you’ll be notified via an e-mail and a notification in the Steam client as well.

Get Familiar With Seasonal Steam Events

As we already mentioned, there isn’t a way to lớn predict the exact dates of Steam sales up until a few days before they happen. But, as most sales are based on a real-world season or event (Halloween, đen Friday, Lunar New Year, etc.), you can get a sense of when approximately they’ll happen.

So, if there’s a game you wish khổng lồ purchase so much, but you know there might be a sale next week, it’s usually better lớn wait until the discounts arrive and buy two or three games for the price of one.

In the long term, this will help you build a rich trò chơi collection.

Look Out For advertiser Bundle Sales

Publisher Bundle Sales happen even when there aren’t any ongoing Steam events, and they happen to be one of the best đơn hàng when it comes khổng lồ getting the best bang for your buck.

Publisher Bundle Sales can include dozens of games for a really low price, so if you know the publishing company is nearing a birthday, celebration, or a special sự kiện hosted by them, expect something like this to lớn show up in your Steam store.


Knowing exactly when the next Steam sale will take place is very helpful, as you can save money & prepare your wishlist. Unfortunately, making perfect predictions is impossible as Steam doesn’t confirm the events far in advance.

On the other hand, you can make an educated guess as Steam is generally consistent with the periods during which they organize their sales, and, of course, keep an eye out on this guide to get instant insight as soon as a leak containing the date for an upcoming sale is confirmed.

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