Top mods at rise of the tomb raider nexus

The Tomb Raider series features a ton of diverse entries, & these mods improve the base game experience through visuals and mechanics.

Tomb Raider is probably the most famous treasure hunting explorer in video games. The original Tomb Raider games play a huge part in the rise of puzzle-based action-adventure clip games. The series has spawned many sequels lượt thích Rise Of The Tomb Raider as well as inspired other original games lượt thích Uncharted. The popularity of Tomb Raider and fan support has always made it one of the most famous points of discussion among the gaming community.

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This tư vấn is the reason people are always coming up with creative add-ons for Tomb Raider games even years after the release. Some of them are skin mods, và others are visual enhancements, which begs the question, "How many of these mods are a must-try?"

Updated January 5, 2022, by Tom Bowen: Despite several years having now passed since the release of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Crystal Dynamics' excellent reboot trilogy remains incredibly popular with fans today. So much so, in fact, that players continue to make new mods for the games, some of which can completely change and transform the settings và characters. For those looking lớn delve back into Lara's world or anybody who is thinking about visiting it for the first time after picking the games up for không tính tiền from the Epic Games Store, these mods can really enhance the experience, often making these already realistic titles just that little bit more lifelike.

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How to lớn Install Mods


Without modding, those hoping khổng lồ play Tomb Raider with a DS4 have a somewhat difficult decision khổng lồ make. Playing the game in DirectX 9 mode will give them access to lớn the correct button icons, though this will come at the expense of compatibility with HDR và some of the more recent versions of ReShade. Thanks khổng lồ IcemanSR's mod, however, they can now have the best of both worlds.

Given the high number of QTEs in the game, having the correct button prompts can be a real life-saver, particularly for those unfamiliar with the layout of an Xbox pad. Likewise, with the game being almost a decade old now, features lượt thích high dynamic range can really help to bring the visuals a little bit closer to modern standards, as too can some of the excellent ReShade presets found below.


The Tomb Raider Enhance Graphic 2020 thủ thuật is a Reshade preset that completely changes the look và feel of the game. Light sources become more vivid, colors more vibrant and Lara herself has never looked better. Ultimately though, it's the preset's handling of ambient light that really makes it shine.

It may not have been downloaded quite as many times as some of the other Tomb Raider mods on Nexus, but it's worth noting that this is one of the most recent mods released for the game. Installation is simple và causes no obvious frame rate issues either, making it a great way khổng lồ explore the island of Yamatai.


Though the Ellie TR2013 hack doesn't really impact gameplay, being able lớn explore Yamatai as The Last of Us' leading lady really does change the whole tone of the game. It would perhaps have been better had the creator opted for Ellie's model from the second game instead, but it's an enjoyable addition nonetheless.

Unsurprisingly, perhaps, Ellie isn't the only character that can be swapped into the game. Among others, players can also switch Lara out for Ada Wong from the Resident Evil series, Clementine from Telltale's excellent episodic adventure The Walking Dead, or Alloy from Horizon Zero Dawn.


Despite having been released in late 2020, the Tomb Raider Turning Point Edition hack has already been downloaded thousands of times. Looking at some of the images uploaded by the mod's creator, it's very easy to see why. As far as mods go, they really don't get much better than this.

The gian lận aims lớn make Lara look more like she does in the game's promotional material, particularly the Turning Point trailer. The high-quality models help lớn create a cinematic vibe even during regular gameplay, while the cuts và scratches that Lara picks up throughout her adventure địa chỉ some much-needed authenticity khổng lồ proceedings.

Tomb Raider 2013 marked the rebirth of the series with a new Lara Croft design & a complete reboot of the story. With blockbuster ratings và critical acclaim, it seems fair to say that the team over at Crystal Dynamics really outdid themselves when it came khổng lồ building this AAA reboot.

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The game was carefully crafted to lớn look good on any hardware, with the PC version even featuring realistic hair physics. The Care Package mod polishes some of those effects that came with the original game. The impact really isn't drastic when compared lớn the vanilla version of the game, but it is enough for players lớn notice a difference.

Tomb Raider 2013 is a beautiful game for its time. It checks all the boxes from good lighting lớn competent shading, but in the world of art and đoạn phim games, there is always scope for improvement. That is the reason that the TR Visual Redone Reshade gian lận was created.

The gian lận is a graphical improvement add-on for the game, that impacts the lighting, màu sắc balance, tones, and much more. By improving the vibrancy of the game, the thủ thuật changes the whole visual experience for players. The fact that it doesn't affect the performance of the game is a cherry on the top.

Much like TR2013, Rise of the Tomb Raider features its fair cốt truyện of skin swaps. The pick of the bunch is arguably xRaq's Angelina Jolie mod, which, as the name might suggest, replaces the mặc định Lara mã sản phẩm with an impressively lifelike model of the very first actress khổng lồ portray the intrepid adventurer on the big screen: Angelina Jolie.

Though neither of the two movies in which Jolie portrayed Lara were particularly well-received, they did perform strongly at the box office & were enjoyed by many fans of the series. Those looking to lớn see how the actress handles in video game form can now vày so, with five quality outfits available.

Rise of the Tomb Raider is vibrant và graphically better compared khổng lồ its 2013 sibling, và the reason is pretty simple. It was released two years into the PS4 and XBox One generation. Which meant the developers could go a high mile with the added boost in hardware. The new consoles redefined realism in games, but there was always a scope.

That's why the modding community gave birth to Pretty Eyes and Armpit hack to tweak & change some of the minute details about Lara. Because why not? These mods add a flare of realism lớn Lara's character. Remember, beauty is in the "eye" of the beholder.

Tactical Outfits gian lận is simply a costume thủ thuật for the game. The full release of Rise of the Tomb Raider comes with many outfits, but there can always be more for the players who feel lượt thích they need it. Tactical Outfits thủ thuật builds on that và provides many new outfits textures for players to try.

With this much variety, this is easily a must-have add-on for the game. The gian lận has around 100k views on the website, making it one of the most popular mods for the game. Coming in at just 42MB, it has khổng lồ be worth the gamble for those looking to expand Lara's closet.

UGH Reshade is one of the most popular graphical mods for Rise of the Tomb Raider & has been downloaded thousands of times.

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It enhances the already-beautiful trò chơi to give players more variety in visuals. The main idea is lớn bring the trò chơi a little closer lớn its sequel.

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The hack does impact the overall performance a little, but the beefy PCs of 2021 should easily be able lớn handle it. Based on the pictures, there are multiple màu sắc filters lượt thích warm, cool, and pure, & players can easily switch between them in order to find the look that they want.

Tank đứng đầu Outfit thủ thuật brings the colors to lớn the outfits. Most of Lara's outfits in-game are dark, brown, or muddy, which fits the game, but there are always players looking lớn play the game with a twist. This hack contains extremely high-resolution textures that will just be something to try out.

This colorfulness will make Lara look lượt thích she is coming right from a tiệc nhỏ that probably could have taken place somewhere in Sunset Overdrive. The gian lận is only 13MB in form size too và is, therefore, a must-try for those looking for a little extra outfit variety as they play.

Cam Tools is a camera hack for Rise of the Tomb Raider. This gian lận is mainly for clip game photography enthusiasts. Cam Tools is easy to lớn inject và lets people experiment with camera angles while they play the game. This added feature of camera control makes it easy for players to lớn take the best shot in the game.

These amazing screenshots can be later used as wallpapers or personal collections. Players who want their creative juices flowing are going lớn appreciate this. This hack can also be used to lớn study in-game environments for people pursuing a career in đoạn clip game design.

In all three installments of Crystal Dynamics' reboot trilogy, Lara gets dirtier và dirtier as she makes her way through the games. It's actually a really nice cảm biến that helps to lớn capture the physical toll that the experience has on her body and also provides an additional layer of realism. Some may feel, however, that the developers took this concept just a little too far in Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Lara spends the vast majority of the game completely caked in mud, which may not be to everybody's tastes. 1Mrp1's mod looks to lớn rectify this issue, providing players with a cleaner character model with only the slightest signs of dirt. It still feels weathered, with all of Lara's cuts và bruises remaining intact, but should be a lot more visually pleasing lớn those with an aversion khổng lồ dirt & mud.

Lara has changed a lot since first debuting on the Sega Saturn back in the late nineties, but while there can be no denying that she looks a lot more lifelike these days, some may not be too happy about the drastic changes made khổng lồ Lara's face. As is so often the case though, there's a mod for that.

The Canonical Lara thủ thuật aims khổng lồ make the game's heroine look a bit more like her former self without clashing with the game's realistic art style. For the most part, it works incredibly well, replacing Lara's facial texture with one that much more closely resembles her nineties và early two-thousands look.

Released in late 2018, the Apex Photorealistic Reshade thủ thuật is one of the more popular Reshade presets for Shadow of the Tomb Raider và has now been downloaded almost ten thousand times. Once installed, everything looks noticeably sharper & ambient lighting looks considerably better too.

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The preset is a must-try for anyone looking for realistic visuals và is particularly impressive when combined with ray tracing technology. That said, it still looks incredible without and is arguably the next best thing for those whose rigs aren't yet capable of delivering ray tracing at decent frame rates.

Outfit thủ thuật for Shadow Of The Tomb Raider is the best clothing mod for this trò chơi on the internet. As most new Tomb Raider games natively bởi not tư vấn modding tools, this is a texture gian lận for the outfits that are already in the game, similar to lớn the Rise Of The Tomb Raider outfit mods.

Even with certain restrictions though, the players can now modify how Lara looks in all of her costumes providing certain conditions have been met. To lớn access all the outfits that are available on the hack page, players will need their counterparts unlocked in-game.

These diffuse & specular maps in 4k resolution are for players looking khổng lồ make Lara Croft from Shadow Of The Tomb Raider look similar to its prequel. As the new game looks pretty different & dark compared to Rise of the Tomb Raider, this gian lận is an attempt to blend the line in-between both games.

With this mod, the texture on Lara's face is replaced with 4k textures from the previous game, with completely redone specular maps. Thanks lớn this texture replacement mod, Lara can therefore look a lot more similar to how she does in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Shadow of The Tomb Raider looks genuinely good in its vanilla form, but Shadow Reshade allows players to lớn take this one step further. The thủ thuật makes the already beautiful world of the game truly awe-aspiring. It is a shader tăng cấp that works as a filter in-game and improves the overall visual fidelity.

Shadow Reshade is light, easy khổng lồ use, và comes with all the clear-cut instructions on-page. Graphics enthusiasts can now enjoy a better-looking game without having to lớn push their GPUs lớn their absolute limits. It looks fantastic, particularly in darker scenes, and really helps to put the "Shadow" into the game's title.

How lớn Install Mods

The majority of the mods available for the Tomb Raider trilogy on Nexus provide detailed instructions on how players can install them. In order to use ReShade presets, for example, players will need to download a copy of ReShade và then extract it into the same folder as the game's launcher together with the .ini preset.

For mods with custom assets or textures, on the other hand, players will often need to tải về a piece of software called Special K and extract it lớn the game's directory together with all of the mod's assets. Although these mods and pieces of software should all be safe lớn use, it's always worth scanning them with Antivirus software before installing them just in case.

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