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PLEASE NOTICE: Both Glorious & Glorium are obsolete if you use them with Eternal Embers and/or the 2021+ updates of TQ, as many things have been changed & added in the trò chơi by the devs, so the mods doesn't works as intended.But fear not; a reincarnation of the gian lận is already in the making, built completely from scratch, stay tuned...

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WELCOME lớn GLORIOUS MODRagnarok and Atlantis are supported but not necessaryThis is a tỷ lệ thoát modAll difficulties supported, multiplayer supportedVanilla heroes can play/switch from unmodded & Glorious without issues.Download:
Installation: Just extract the archive/Glorious folder into "DocumentsMyGamesTitanQuestImmortalThroneCustomMaps"__________________________________Included/Integrated ModsLoot Plus (by ミメミ) integrated :https://duanromanplaza.vn/index.php?topic=934.0Skill Reworks (by ミメミ) integrated :https://duanromanplaza.vn/index.php?topic=982.0Bugfixes and More (by Endymion) integrated :https://duanromanplaza.vn/index.php?topic=758.0Enhanced gameplay (By Nargil66) MAIN FEATURES OF INTEGRATED MODS(full danh sách of features in the mod liên kết above)- Loot chances và quantity from chests lớn get rarer items it's increased - Chances và amount that enemies drops (and also chất lượng of drops) is increased - Skills have been reworked/rebalanced, no more useless skills - Myriad of bug fixes & improvements/implementation of cut content- You can have mercenaries, buy their contracts at Sparta, Memphis, Babylon, city of Lost Souls, Glauberg__________________________________Glorious FeaturesExperience rate increased khổng lồ 200% (Normal) - 250% (Epic) - 300% (Legendary) Increased difficulty in general, enemies and bosses have lots of resistances (even in Normal difficulty) have buffed and new skills, và their cấp độ scales with yours (3X of vanilla) (to balance the experience & loot/drop gains)Quests now rewards the heroes with valuable items & more experience (Removed feature, as edit quests would glitch already completed ones)Many monsters, champions and bosses have updated/upgraded skills and stats, they resembles better their combat abilities based on mythologySpawn of normal creatures increased by a minimum of 15% up khổng lồ a maximum of 50%Spawn chance of champion creatures increased by a minimum of 25% up lớn a maximum of 50%Bosses are more deadly and resistent, but their loot increased, both on chest và orbsLoot pools have been expanded, fixed và rebalancedLegendary creatures are to lớn be feared now, but their rewards (both loot và XP) will be gloriousIncreased ranges of ranged weapons và magic/staves in general, both players and enemiesIncreased vision ranges of enemies and their persistence lớn stalk/kill youRemoved broken items quality, no more trash drops & bloated loot tablesCharm và relic pieces are more frequent (+15%)Some Merchants sells Relic fragments based on difficulty (they are expensive)Some Merchants sells Charm fragments based on difficulty (they are expensive)Some Merchants sells Formulae based on difficulty (VERY expensive)Increased selling prices (by 50%) lớn all merchants & all difficultiesIncreased buying prices (by 150%) for potions, & (by 25%) for rare itemsEconomy scales better in generalPotions stacks to lớn 50Scrolls stacks to lớn 20Formulas stacks lớn 10Camera distances increased (both zoom in & zoom out)Useful InformationsMerchants that sells fragments of relics và charms can be found at:Sparta - AthensRhodes - Medea's Grove Corinth - Gylfi's SettlementGadirMerchants that sells formulae can be found at:KnossosEpirusGlaubergGardens

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Update 1.1 releasedNew content:Introduced mercenaries (by Nargil66) you can buy their contracts at Sparta, Memphis, Babylon, city of Lost Souls, GlaubergChanges:Increased general difficulty again (monsters hit harder, faster và they are more resistent)Fixed some bugs/inconsistenciesEconomy reworked (and buy prices of charms, formulae, relics reduced)More bosses revamped lớn have improved stats, và use new/reworked skillsNow affixes and suffixes on Monsters Infrequents are visibleChests text màu sắc changed to lớn red, to be more recognizableNext update (1.1.5)Multi-Masteries mod (by Nargil66) integrated and merged with Skills Reworks (By EXE)Bugfixes và Some More mod (by Endymion) integratedChanging/adding skills to more monsters/bossesMaybe some other quality of life feature
Update 1.1.5 ReleasedChangesDifficulty system has been reworked: enemies got increased hp, stats, resistances, defenses, attack, speeds, và the "game difficulty formula" has been adapted to be much more difficult the more you progress in-gameIf you create a new nhân vật with the hack loaded and bounced, your nhân vật will grow & be much stronger than a vanilla one, because now every attribute spent increases the stat by 5 points instead of 4 (Vanilla) plus you start with slight (75 instead of 50 ) increased attributes and health/mana (500 instead of 300 )But you will have a VERY hard time to lớn start, so, your power must be earnedMutliplayer it's now fully balanced and supported lớn have nightmares in battles but glorious rewards even if you play with other heroes, every difficulty và player number, enjoyNow enemies adapt much more to lớn player level, so be prepared, if you reach Normal over game with a cấp độ 60+ hero, expect to see enemies near (or more) your level, so don't think that increased XP will make the game easier, as now Normal difficulty stands for Epic, và Epic stands for Legendary, & Legendary... Well, try for yourself.Fixed bugs và other inconsistencies/typosBattle và Mastery Shrines have 90 secs durationEnemies have new or buffed skills, so prepare yourselfNext update (1.2)Multi-Masteries hack (by Nargil66) integrated & merged with Skills Reworks (By EXE) Bugfixes & Some More mod (by Endymion) integratedChanging/adding skills khổng lồ more monsters/bossesMaybe some other chất lượng of life feature
Update 1.2 releasedMostly bugfixes và polishing to every aspects of the mod, & also a lot of balanceMain features: New or upgraded skills & stats for many monsters, champions & bossesDifficulty has been balanced khổng lồ make it less tedious when starting a new hero from scratch (but still difficult, so beware)Difficulty scales more dynamically, some classes are stronger than others, so it will be easier lớn progress, from Hades to lớn Ragnarok the difficulty will ramp even more, there are some unforgiving monsters with atrocious skills if you don't have the right defenses

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