Download & play zelda breath of the wild on pc with cemu


Download & Play Zelda Breath Of The Wild On PC With Cemu

There are a lot of games that are there, but could not be played on a PC. The basic reason behind it is that they are not released for the PC. One such trò chơi is Zelda Breath. The PC version has not been released by the manufacturers. However, if you are someone who wants to play it on PC, then you can vày that. There are certain ways in which this impossible deed could be made possible and we are going to lớn discuss it in the sections below. 

Can the legend of Zelda breath of the wild be played over a PC?

The Zelda game has not released its PC version as of now. For playing it on your PC you will need an emulator. 

The function of emulators is to develop a simulated environment for the game you are playing in your computer & this helps it to aid your computer easily. One of the best emulators you will find is Cemu emulator.

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Cemu Emulator 

Cemu emulator supports Wii U as well as Nintendo console. You can use this emulator only in the 64-bit desktops. If supported by your computer, Cemu is capable of running 4K unique games on your computer as well.

To be used in your computer, the emulator must have minimal compatibility of open 4.1 GL and 4 GB RAM. Besides this, your desktop should have a robust processor & a graphics card.

The foremost things that you primarily need to check are whether GPU drivers, Audio drivers, và Motherboard drivers are upgraded or not. If you find they are not, make sure lớn update them as soon as you can.

Ways to play BOTW on Computer

Well, by now we know that the Cemu emulator is very important if you want khổng lồ play games like Zelda on your PC. You need to have it on your PC. Well, before that, you need to kiểm tra a few equally important things or we can say that are important initially as we move towards the installation of Cemu. You will have to check GPU Drivers, audio drivers & motherboard drivers of your PC and update them first. After that, you will have to have three other important things và these are 7Zip, DirectX and C++ Redistributable. After you have downloaded all of these, download things like Graphics Packs, Cemu Hook, Cemu và Shader Cache. 

Before trying to get all these things in your PC, there are some of the requirements that your system needs to fulfill. If these are not fulfilled, then you won’t be able to achieve your goal. Here is the các mục of these requirements. 

By now, you know how to lớn make your system ready for installing the Cemu emulator. Now, we will be discussing the actual process of doing that. 


Find the tệp tin that was developed earlier entitled Helper Ex folder from the cemu file. Choose the option of update file và then right-click on meta.xml which you can find in the meta folder.Repeat the same for the DLC files as well. After that choose it.xml files.Once the installation of updates and DLC is complete, click on the tệp tin menu and then visit the load option. Click on the folder named Helper EX và choose the thư mục entitled Legend of Zelda. Now choose the code folder and choose the file XXXX.rpx. After the load completion, shut down cemu. Within the cemu folder, open the tệp tin named log.txt file và select ‘shader cache name’This name has to lớn be copied Visit the thư mục of shader cache and next, the portable folder to find the xxx. Bin file, you will then have lớn relabel it with the cache name of your shader.Finally, your game is all set lớn launch on Cemu. At the initial stage, a bit of time may be occupied by shader cache for the compilation.

With this, you are all set to launch the trò chơi on Cemu Emulator. The shader cache will take some time khổng lồ get compiled, but later on, everything will be on point. 

This is a detailed guide for installing Zelda Breath on your PC. We have mentioned every detail related lớn it and because of that, you don’t need any tech expert for the installation. You can bởi it on yourself and that too very quickly. 


1. Does the Cemu emulator be installed in 32-bit Windows?

No, the Cemu emulator can only be installed on 64-bit windows. You cannot install this as the pre-specified requirement for this emulator is 64-bit windows. Apart from that if any of the operating systems such as Windows 8 or 64-Bit Windows 7 Service Pack 1, or Windows 10 available then it will be installed.

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2. How can we install the Cemu emulator without any hassles?

The above excerpt provides explicitly simple steps that can be followed to lớn install the same emulator. If you are equipped with all the needed specifications, then it is a cakewalk.

3. Why is it not getting installed as all the other configurations as per the need?

Check whether the PC has a graphics thẻ or not; this is one of the main things which every user misses. Apart from that wrong configuration of the cemu emulator can also be a specific reason.

4. Why vì we need the emulator for playing BOTW on PC?

Some certain games và applications are unable khổng lồ play on PC as the PC version for those are not available or launched. For that, you will need additional software that makes it compatible to play on the same.

5. How can we mix the game preferences as per our needs?

One can easily phối all the prerequisites in the gameplay settings, other than that while configuring, and you can also opt for setting that up. The configuration is the best thing about this emulator which can help you in setting up a game.

6. Is this emulator safe from malware, Trojans, or vi khuẩn attack?

Yes, this emulator is safe from malware and other harmful entities. However, it is recommended to check your firewall & antivirus settings. These are mandatory lớn safeguard your system of different harmful things.

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