NameG.O.H – The God of Highschool APK
PublisherSN games Corp.

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CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage/Defense Multiplier
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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We always fight for what we always think is right with the ideal of life. Now you can freely roam in the arenas of G.O.H – The God of Highschool. This is a gathering place for young fighters with great potential from all over the world. Together with them, defeat countless enemies khổng lồ gain the position of the strongest gladiator. Prove to the world your true abilities. Satisfy your desire khổng lồ fight with great battles.

G.O.H – The God of Highschool is a top-rated Anime series from Japan. It is loved by thousands of fans for its charismatic character building. Now that movie has been adapted into a fighting game of the same name. Recreate the great wars that you will experience firsthand. The high-quality 3 chiều images with fantastic move effects will keep you hooked. Immerse yourself in a great fantasy story.


Download G.O.H – The God of Highschool gian lận – Defeat all the most vigorous opponents

As a gladiator, you will challenge all the strongest in the mortal arena. Choose a trò chơi screen & start walking on your path. All opponents will bởi vì their best lớn rush in và attack you until you are defeated. Fly them away with a combination of moves and attacks like punches or kicks. Your opponents will appear in waves, và you must hold out until you win. Seizures can be combined and executed continuously khổng lồ create combos. Help the character lớn be able to lớn fight more effectively & overwhelm his enemies. Collect as much gold to bởi the necessary upgrades.

Not only combos, but you can also use the character’s chất lượng skills at any time. It will activate a few special moves that give your warrior an advantage. Once used, a countdown period is required before using it again. Bởi vì not overdo these tricks, or you may be at a disadvantage.

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Own the characters

G.O.H – The God of Highschool has all the characters that have appeared in the Anime you see. There is the appearance of Jin Mori, Han Daewi, Yu Mira, thân phụ Seok-woo, & many other mighty warriors. Their power màn chơi will be divided according to the number of stars obtained, & the strongest will have a maximum of six stars with superior base stats. You can hunt five-star warriors in the game’s lucky spins. Completing complex challenges also has a chance khổng lồ receive such characters. Each character has unique fighting skills, & you can freely explore and use them to fight.

Use buffs

Before participating in a particular plot level, you can optionally enhance some of your benefits. There will be buff options given for you to consider and use for the character. Pretty valuable things can be mentioned as increasing damage, HP, defense, or maximizing skills. Khổng lồ use these buffs, you will have to spend a certain amount of money. It will be advantageous in cases where you want lớn complete the level quickly. Encounter complex challenges that are slightly beyond your capabilities. But if you use too much, you can run out of resources. Use only when it is necessary khổng lồ achieve the goal.


Multiple trò chơi modes

The story mode, but G.O.H – The God of Highschool, also has many other trò chơi modes. Systemic modes like hero Battle or Tower Rune. There are also online modes lượt thích PvP, 3v3, or INFINITE NOX for those who lượt thích competition. If you love any trò chơi mode, you can try & change it as you want. Each method will bring its own new and exciting style. You can invite more of your close friends to fight. Compete to see who will be more assertive in this dangerous arena. Only skill can bring you khổng lồ the pinnacle of power.


Join the group

Guilds are places where heroes come together lớn grow together. Players can create their guilds or request lớn join existing ones. Joining a clan will get tons of great benefits that solo players never get. From daily rewards, special quests, or gift boosts lớn each other. Moreover, there is a chance to participate in clan wars and alliance wars. Win a high position to lớn receive many attractive and rare gifts. Provide a lot for your advancement in G.O.H – The God of Highschool mod.

Download G.O.H – The God of Highschool MOD app android (Menu, Damage/Defense Multiplier) for Android

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