Over 10,000 women are suing google over gender pay disparity


VinFast is a member of Vingroup - the largest private corporation in Vietnam giới. We have become the #1 car seller in all of our competing segments within just 21 months of launching in Vietphái mạnh and we will launch our smart EVs globally in 2021. Our thoughtful thiết kế focuses on seamless customer experience, highest safety standards, superior craftmanship, & intelligent Infotainment with lifestyle personalization.

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PHASE 1: Foundation


Establishment of VinFast automotive manufacturing complex


Official launch of Lux models at Paris Motor Show, awarded "A Star Is Born" by AutoBest


Official launches of 3 models (VinFast Lux SA2.0, VinFast Lux A2.0 & VinFast Fadil) và 3 e-scooters (Luvị, Impes, Klara) in Vietphái nam market

PHASE 2: Acceleration


VinFast became the best-seller in all 3 segments in Vietnam


Launch of 3 brand-new smart EVs (VF31, VF32, VF33), 2 new e-scooters (Theon và Feliz) và E-Bus

Launch of new chất lượng AR/VR experience and pre-order for VF32, VF33 in key markets

PHASE 3: Going Global


Global deliveries of VF32 - VF33 Launches of VinFast's global showrooms in key markets


AutoBest 2018

About AutoBest AUTOBEST is one of the oldest và most prestigious global automotive Jury panels and associations. AUTOBEST awards Best buy oto of Europe every year.

Vinfast was awarded “A Star is Born" by AutoBest

In achieving this award, Vinfast went through a very precise procedure, including an in depth visit và detailed analysis by the AUTOBEST jury members.


ASEAN NCAPhường Gr& Prix Awards 20đôi mươi

About ASEAN NCAP Grand Prix Awards 2020 The global organization that recognises standout performers & contributors to road safety, raises awareness, and encourages car manufacturers to lớn meet higher safety standards.

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VinFast was awared “New Manufacturer Safety Commitment”

Recognition of VinFast's commitment to higher safety ratings for its new range of electric vehicles coming in the next two years, including a 4-stars ASEAN NCAP score, 5-stars from triệu Euro NCAP.. và 5-stars from the United States’ National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).


About NCAP A respected international platform for co-operation ahy vọng new car assessment programmes and promotes safety standards of motor vehicle worldwide.

VinFast achieved highest NCAP ratings for each segment

Fitted with six airbags, Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Seatbelt Reminder System (SBR) for both front and rear occupants, VinFast achieved the highest cấp độ of NCAP. ratings for our oto models.

FORBES Loaded With Tesla-Like Features, Vietnam’s Vingroup Plans Rollout Of Electric SUVs Link
Statement regarding recent market news (12 April 2021) VinFast Trading và Production LLC refers lớn recent market rumors about a possible US listing. VinFast wishes khổng lồ clarify that the company is considering various fund raising opportunities and investments, including but not limited to lớn an equity investment, an initial public offering, a business combination with a special purpose acquisition company or other transactions. Any potential fundraising will be subject to different factors such as market conditions và the company will issue an appropriate announcement should any transaction be determined.

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