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Plants vs Zombies
Tower Defense
Unlimited Money/Sun
Android 4.4

In Plants vs Zombies MOD android (Unlimited Money/Sun), you will become a gifted gardener and love the green. Be careful if you don’t want to be bitten by a zombie!

About Plants vs ZombiesMOD game android version of Plants vs Zombies

About Plants vs Zombies

In this classic tower defence game, you will play the role of a humble host who is determined khổng lồ stop the raid of the undead by planting a variety of defensive and offensive plants in the garden. With smart design, fast và fun rhythm, Plants vs Zombies have received a standing ovation since launching on Google Play in 2013.

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Thanks lớn a series of regular updates, the game always brings a fresh feeling to lớn the player. Here are the reasons we still play this trò chơi till now:

Interesting plot

Plants vs Zombies takes place in a town attacked by zombies. They go lớn the houses and eat the brains of all the survivors. Your task is khổng lồ grow special plants lớn prevent zombies are trying to lớn reach your home.

Many modes và content

You will have khổng lồ confront the undead. They will not disengage your garden for any second. After every swarm of defeated, another flock will appear, & in Plants Vs Zombies, this means that there will be more modes for you lớn have the plan lớn repel the zombies.

So many seeds, how will your garden grow?

The trò chơi brings together a variety of modes: Adventure, puzzle, Zen Garden & dozens of mini-games, including additional modes after launch such as Wall-nut Bowling & Vase Breaking.

Many new plants

Are they on the roof? Let plant new trees now!

The classic plants such as Peashooter, Potato Mine (Potato Explode) và Chomper (Carnivorous Plant) are still the same, but the number of trees that you can use as weapons in the game has increased. For example, now you can explode a group of 3×3 cells using Explode-o-nut. It is effective, gentle but full of nutrition!

Many locations

Adventure mode includes 50 extremely fun levels. In the first 10 levels, you will start at a familiar garden with lighting conditions suitable for plants. Natural light is a good source of revenue for you khổng lồ buy plants that serve your strategy.

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The next levels bring you more difficult challenges. You have to fight in the dark, the fog và the pool. Fog reduces your view, and darkness makes certain plants inactive. In the pool map, you need to balance between terrestrial & aquatic plants. Zombies in this game have the ability khổng lồ swim very well. They can drag some of your plants down. Wall-nut is still an effective solution, even on water.

Like the PC version, Plants Vs Zombies also have levels on the terrace with many dangerous zombies. Vày not miss!

More beautiful graphics

Fight with the undead on every battlefield with an improved interface …

Whether human or undead, appearance is always important. With the innovative interface, you can easily explore this epic game lượt thích never before. With just one tap, you can fight the Snorkel Zombie in Zombiquarium mode or play again your favourite level.

MOD apk version of Plants vs Zombies

MOD Features

When you use our Plants vs Zombies MOD apk (Unlimited Money/Sun), a sun gives you 1000 light points. This feature helps you quickly mix tactics, placing lots of trees lớn defend against zombie attacks. You can overcome difficult levels more easily with this version.


Trust me, you will experience an interesting tower defence game, worth your time. & after overcoming the whole challenge of the game, you can continue your journey by passing time to other civilizations in Plants vs. Zombies 2 & waiting for new things in Plants vs. Zombies 3 is coming soon. Download Plants Vs Zombies via the link below this article.

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