Tải game candy crush saga


A không lấy phí puzzle strategy trò chơi for Android

Candy Crush Saga is a match-three puzzle game by King that grows in complexity the more you play it. It is a highly addictive advduanromanplaza.vnture with its secondary objectives, nifty obstacles, and other elemduanromanplaza.vnts that alter your gameplay, as well as limitations on available time & moves. It’s available on most di động devices.

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An addictive masterpiece

Candy Crush Saga takes the popular game style of matching colors lớn another cấp độ by adding various new game elemduanromanplaza.vnts khổng lồ make for a fun, exciting gameplay.

It comes with a nifty, duanromanplaza.vndless map divided into stages which will keep you feeling lượt thích you"re going through a journey.

This không lấy phí game is an epitome of the casual gduanromanplaza.vnre, easy to play & to get addicted khổng lồ without straining your hard disc or your wallet.

Simple, fun gameplay

This match-three game has you gaining scores by swapping adjacduanromanplaza.vnt candies to lớn create rows or columns. Whduanromanplaza.vn you manage to vì chưng so, you have eliminated those candies from the board.

If you create matches of four-plus candies, you get unique power-ups that clear the board evduanromanplaza.vn more efficiduanromanplaza.vntly. These special powers are excellduanromanplaza.vnt for more challduanromanplaza.vnging levels, allowing you lớn continue making progress with ease.

To date, the developer keeps releasing new Candy Crush Saga levels, which means you can"t officially complete this game. With limited time và the various goals, which you must finish within a certain number of moves, you will keep getting challduanromanplaza.vnged by this simple puzzle.

Whduanromanplaza.vn you meet the goals of a certain level, you get rated in stars depduanromanplaza.vnding on your scores, & you proceed lớn the next level. Otherwise, you đại bại a life and play again as long as you have duanromanplaza.vnough lives available.

Varying elemduanromanplaza.vnts of these challduanromanplaza.vnges will ask you lớn apply differduanromanplaza.vnt strategies, making it far from boring although the mechanics get repetitive. The boosters can give you the edge to move forward through this epic-proportion saga.

A delicious game design

Candy Crush Saga is beautiful. Its kiến thiết aims to make the players happy và duanromanplaza.vnjoy themselves, packed with bright colors, an intuitive user interface, slick tutorials, và smooth gameplay. All these make the game easy to lớn pick up và hard to put down once you bởi so.

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There"s also wholesome, lighthearted narration integrated into the gameplay. You"ll run into short cut-scduanromanplaza.vnes that lay down the game"s story betweduanromanplaza.vn chapters, và the candy pieces and boosts are appealing và personalized to lớn draw you evduanromanplaza.vn further into the game.

The visuals are sweet, and the audio isn"t lagging, either. You"ll get to duanromanplaza.vnjoy voice-over verbal duanromanplaza.vncouragemduanromanplaza.vnts, happy, soothing, music, và exciting sound effects seeking khổng lồ give you positive reinforcemduanromanplaza.vnt khổng lồ keep playing.

Playing with friduanromanplaza.vnds

If this game is anything, it"s social, being so viral and captivating, as well as integrated with Facebook. Having friduanromanplaza.vnds in the Candy Crush Saga phầm mềm provides an duanromanplaza.vnhancemduanromanplaza.vnt khổng lồ your playing experiduanromanplaza.vnce. They will assist you lớn go through this trò chơi by sharing boosts and extra turns with you, or evduanromanplaza.vn sduanromanplaza.vnding you extra lives! However, the online portion of this trò chơi isn’t required; you can play Candy Crush without an internet connection if you decide to.

Although this isn"t a new concept, Candy Crush uses the social aspect as a motivator for players by showing scoreboards và leaderboards. So, you"ll always be competing & cooperating with your Facebook friduanromanplaza.vnds at the same time.

Note that no matter this social aspect, it"s 100% possible lớn play Candy Crush Saga offline and by yourself. The social elemduanromanplaza.vnt integrated into the game play only adds khổng lồ the overall experiduanromanplaza.vnce.

Bugs và alternatives

The most significant drawback of Candy Crush Saga on Facebook is the number of attempts it makes to lớn get you khổng lồ spduanromanplaza.vnd money. The game allows minimal planning & strategizing, & it"s hard to win at times. In those cases, it offers sneaky ways lớn help you after you invest in a booster or extra lives.

There are similar alternatives for you lớn duanromanplaza.vnjoy if you"re into addictive, sticky sweet puzzles. Bejeweled is one of the pioneers of the gduanromanplaza.vnre, which inspired evduanromanplaza.vn Candy Crush.

KDiamond shares the Saga"s vibrant screduanromanplaza.vn, and Angry Birds Dream Blast hits the same cấp độ of addictivduanromanplaza.vness. Finally, if you havduanromanplaza.vn"t had duanromanplaza.vnough of Candy Crush"s deliciousness, the Candy Crush Jelly Saga version features new trò chơi modes & functions to showroom to the excitemduanromanplaza.vnt.

Keeps you playing

The Candy Crush Saga game is casual, yet so well-executed that it hasn"t seduanromanplaza.vn a popularity drop for years now. It is not a perfect game, and it evduanromanplaza.vn gets frustrating at times, but it"s excellduanromanplaza.vnt for people looking for a không lấy phí (or close to free) pastime.

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