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First, they"ll become champions ofAsia. Next, the world? kiểm tra out the EA Champions Cup to see which FIFA Online 3 competitors will move on andcontinue their journey on the Road to lớn the FIFA eWorld Cup.

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The EA Champions Cup (EACC)Spring 2018 is a massive tournament for EA SPORTS FIFA Online 3that has Asia"s best players compete for cash prizes & qualification to lớn theFIFA Global Series Playoffsfor achance lớn prove that they"re the best in the world on FIFA Online 3.

The Champions Cup is an inter-Asian tournament in which each country involved sends a specific number of three-person teams to lớn compete. The EACC has been around since 2014, originally called F03 Spearhead Invitational before being re-named in 2016. There are currently two EACC tournaments per year, one in the spring và one in autumn.

FIFA Online 3 is a không tính tiền online multiplayer football game for PC developed by EA Spearhead Studio but distributed và published by various companies in multiple regions throughout Asia. It was originally released in 2012 and has become a massive hit all over the continent. As it"s an older game, FO3 plays a bit differently than FIFA 18 thanks to lớn the difference in technology.

Ivan“Hashtag Boras” Lapanje, one of the best and most popular FIFA 18 professional competitors in the world, has experience playing FIFA Online 3 and has insight into the similarities (and differences) between the two games.. Lapanje says that it"s less about the game itself và more about how long most FIFA Online 3 pros have been playing it.“The players have played FIFA Online 3 for many years which has taken their skills to perfection. That"s a bit different from FIFA where you play the game for one year & then start over.” He also notes that FO3“games are shorter... chơi game faster.”

Even though they trained and won their competition in FIFA Online 3, the winners of the EACC will be more than ready to lớn take on the best in FIFA 18 at the FIFA 18 Global Series Playoffs later in the year. “I believe their virtual football talents still can take them far since there always are similarities between football games: understanding for the game, timing, và defensive anticipation,” said Lapanje.

The đứng đầu six players (both finalist teams) will be eligible khổng lồ compete in theEA SPORTS FIFA Global Series Playoffson the Road to the FIFA eWorld Cup Final later this year. The Playoffs will narrow down the field khổng lồ 32 contenders who will compete to be crowned the best in the world.

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How to watch:on the EA SPORTS FIFATwitch channeland follow all the action onTwitter.

Date: March 31 – April 1, 2018

Location: Bangkok International Trade và Exhibition Center, Bangkok, Thailand

Participating Teams: 12 total teams; one from thailand as host country, five from the Southeast Asia region (Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand), three from China, three from Korea.





1st place



2nd place



3rd place



4th place



The last eight teams

$3,000 each


Best Player Award



Top Scorer Award



Total Prizes Awarded

$239,000 USD

Catch all the kích hoạt of the EA Champions Cup on March 31 and April 1 on the EA SPORTS FIFATwitch channeland follow onTwitterfor regular updates from Bangkok.

FIFA 18 is Available Now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Conditions & restrictions apply. Seehttps://www.duanromanplaza.vn/fifa/fifa-18-game-and-offer-disclaimersfor details.

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