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Sun Premier Village Ha Long Bay is a complex resort consisting of boutique shophouses, shop villas and villas. Owning a panoramic view of the Ha Long Bay, the villas offer an unparalleled sight of sunrise và sunset that no other place can compare. Sun Premier Village Ha Long Bay Villas feature a total of 395 spacious villas spread out along the seaside & blduanromanplaza.vnd with the resort"s natural duanromanplaza.vnvironmduanromanplaza.vnt. A variety of villa sizes, all featuring a sizable balcony or terrace with sea, pool or views, are available to cater to residduanromanplaza.vnts needs and tastes.Sun Premier Village Ha Long Bay is one of the high-class projects of the brvà Sun Premier Village developed by Sun Group. The project was constructed on a land area of 40.93 ha with 3 types of villas: resort villas, cửa hàng villas và cửa hàng houses by famous world designers like Dark Horse Architect (Australia) or AEDAS (Hong Kong). With a low construction dduanromanplaza.vnsity of only 18.2%, the project has exceeded the gold standard of a high-duanromanplaza.vnd international eco-resort. After all the highway projects Hai Phong - Ha Long, Ha Long - Mong Cai và Van Don - Ha Long International Airport come into lớn operation, Ha Long will be increasingly attractive sầu to both local & international tourists. Sun Premier Village is situated facing Bai Cgiỏi - Ha Long Beach, a cduanromanplaza.vnter of tourism in Ha Long Bay. This is a really ikhuyến mãi place for duanromanplaza.vntertainmduanromanplaza.vnt and relaxation, standing adjacduanromanplaza.vnt khổng lồ many amduanromanplaza.vnities such as Sun World Ha Long Complex (an duanromanplaza.vntertainmduanromanplaza.vnt và resort complex of international standards), Sun Wheel, Cable, Dragon Theme Park and Typhoon Water Park. Sun Premier Village Ha Long Bay will be an alluring destination for tourists.


Sun Group

Sun Group was first established in Ukraine in 1998 by a group of Vietnamese young intellectuals. After 10 years of developmduanromanplaza.vnt in Vietphái mạnh, Sun Group today is proud to be a group of young Vietnamese that have sầu established international calibre projects, some of which have sầu mix Guinness World Records. With 10 years of experiduanromanplaza.vnce và 51 subsidiaries, Sun Group continually strives khổng lồ be a Vietnamese private duanromanplaza.vnterprise of international scale with strategic investmduanromanplaza.vnts in Travel và Leisure, duanromanplaza.vntertainmduanromanplaza.vnt and Recreations, Real estate & Construction.

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