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Solo Leveling is without a doubt one of the most popular Manhwa out there with a huge tín đồ base across the globe. The Manhwa went on hiatus in March 2020 & was initially scheduled to return on April however it was delayed because of the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

After a few months of wait, the Solo Leveling is finally back with the latest chapters. Chapter 111 và Chapter 112 were released simultaneously and everyone is already waiting for the next chapter. In this article, we will cover everything you need to lớn know about Solo Leveling Chapter 113 lượt thích the release date, spoilers, where khổng lồ read, and raw scans.

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Note: Chapter 113 has been published. Check out our article on Solo Leveling Chapter 114.

Hunter phụ thân Hae-In Blushing


Solo Leveling Chapter 113 Release Date

“Solo Leveling Chapter 113” is scheduled to release on 8 August 2020. As Solo Leveling is quite popular so the English translations of the Manhwa won’t take that much time and the translation will be available on the same date.

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Where khổng lồ Read Solo Leveling Chapter 113

The official English translation of the Manhwa is not yet available. The unofficial translations are done by Bored College Students. There are many unofficial websites where you can read the unofficial translations of the Manhwa, you can easily find these websites on Google. However, we don’t support scanlations in any way or form.

Solo Leveling Chapter 113 Spoilers

(Note: The spoilers are just a short summery of what happened in the light novel)

In the upcoming chapter 113 of Solo Leveling, Hunter phụ thân Hae-in wanted to lớn join Hunter Sung Jin-woo’s so-called Solo Play Guild because wanted to be with him. However, Jin-Woo told her that if she wants to lớn join his guild she has to lớn give an entrance test.

In the next chapter, Hunter phụ thân tried lớn fight one of Jin-Woo’s strongest summon Bellion. She fought with all of her strength however Bellion was stronger than her & she ultimately lost to Bellion. But Hunter Sung Jin-Woo will still let her join.

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Hunter Sung Jin-Woo

Quick Recap For Solo Leveling Chapter 112

In the previous chapter, we saw that both Hunter Jin-Woo came back from the A rank dungeon with a lot of Greater Magic Cores. Later, they were discussing what the name of the Guild Should be and Jin-woo suggested “Solo Play Guild”, he didn’t get what it actually means. Then the bell rings và Hunter thân phụ Hae-in was there who wanted khổng lồ join the guild.

She was even willing to break her contract with The Hunters & even pay the contract breach penalty to lớn join. Jin-woo then asked her way does she want lớn join them, what is in it for her. She then thought in her mind that she can’t tell her that she want him lớn stay with her for the rest of her life.

Later, Sung Jin-woo told her that if she wants lớn join she has to lớn give an entrance demo where she as lớn fight his strongest summon và she agreed with a lot of determination to join the guild.

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About Solo Leveling

10 years ago, after “the Gate” that connected the real world with the quái vật world opened, some of the ordinary, everyday people received the power to hunt monsters within the Gate. They are known as “Hunters”. However, not all Hunters are powerful. My name is Sung Jin-Woo, an E-rank Hunter. I’m someone who has lớn risk his life in the lowliest of dungeons, the “World’s Weakest”.

Having no skills whatsoever lớn display, I barely earned the required money by fighting in low-leveled dungeons… at least until I found a hidden dungeon with the hardest difficulty within the D-rank dungeons! In the end, as I was accepting death, I suddenly received a strange power, a quest log that only I could see, a secret to lớn leveling up that only I know about! If I trained in accordance with my quests và hunted monsters, my màn chơi would rise. Changing from the weakest Hunter to the strongest S-rank Hunter!

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