Can anyone get me in contact with the creator of raigames

A few weeks ago I decided to play around with a site at that has a very cool social gambling game that they advertise as 99% luck, 1% skill. One of the interesting properties of the game is that it is a multiplayer game that is theoretically beatable if you are able khổng lồ out play the other players. Furthermore, there is a built in scripting interface where you can write javascript code khổng lồ automate a bot that plays the game 24/7.

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The way the game works is simple. There is a hidden random number that their hệ thống generates that is greater than 1 & rounded khổng lồ the nearest 0.01. A counter starts counting up from one until it reaches that hidden number at which point there is a "crash". Players can cash out any time before the crash & they will get the value of the counter at the time they cashed out times their bet amount. If the "crash" occurs before they cash out, then they thua kém their bet amount.


So for example, if the servers hidden number is 1.9, if you bet 100 and cash out at 1.8, you get 80 chips in profit. If you try to lớn wait to cash out until 2.0 khổng lồ double your money it will crash at 1.9 và you"ll thua your 100 chips. The odds are mix such that the house has an edge ranging between 0% và 1% that increases the longer that you wait to lớn cash out.

What makes it interesting is that they (effectively) take 1% of all the bets and put them in a "bonus pool" that goes khổng lồ the people who cash out the lathử nghiệm. Thus, in theory if you on average were khổng lồ win a 2% bonus, that would cover your own 1% contribution to lớn the bonus pool and the maximum 1% house edge, và anything beyond that would be a profit.

So I mix about making a javascript bot that could effectively "snipe" the bonus by cashing out at the earliest time when the bonus was guaranteed. It tracked its own bonus results and its own cashouts khổng lồ determine the house edge that was paying. Finally, it would also exploit mistakes in other bots in some complex ways. Over its last 30K games, it weighted average results had it earning slightly over 2% of the bonus which, based on the house edge it faced on average should have been a solid 0.5% plus return per bet.

However, despite betting a large amount over a huge sample where I let it run 24/7 for over a week, my bot was break even. All the results are public and viewable here:


As a poker player, one piece of advice I"ve always lived by, is if you feel like you are getting scammed, stop playing immediately & figure out what is going on. So that is what I did. It took me a while lớn figure out what could possibly be going on, but I believe that I have sầu a possible explanation. chú ý that I am not saying that this is 100% definitively the case, but my current suspicion based on what I know is that while the site is accurately và fairly generating random "crash" values, because of the way the site implements the game around those crash values, I believe sầu that the odds are worse than they state. This is just my personal opinion based on my experience, if the developers can prove me wrong, I"m open khổng lồ being convinced.

EvidenceAt they describe in depth how the game is "provably" fair. Basically they seeded an RNG with a hash from a bitcoin bloông chồng that had not been mined when they launched the site. The even liên kết to a JS fiddle that lets a third buổi tiệc nhỏ pull crash values: You can also do statistical analysis on the historical crash values & while I haven"t investigated this 100% in depth, but my belief is that they are fair as described.

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The odds of a crash value C being chosen are 100/101 * 1/((C - 0.01)/0.99). The 100/101 is actually what they use to lớn seed the bonus pool. If you plug in 2 for C you will get a 0.49256181899 chance of hitting a crash value of 2, which in theory would let you double your money. This exactly matches their odds calculator here:

They then go on to lớn describe the house edge in this case by saying that your expected value if you bet 100 và try khổng lồ cash out at 2.0 is

0.49256181899 * 100 + (1 - 0.49256181899) * - 100 = -1.487636202

In theory, of that lost EV, 1/101 * 100 of it went to lớn the bonus pool and the rest went khổng lồ the house.

This means that the hose edge in this case should be

(0.49256181899 * 100 + (1-0.49256181899) * -100) + 100 * 1/101 = 0.497537190905021%

Again this EXACTLY matches their odds calculator. Furthermore, I went baông xã & historically analyzed the % of games where the "crash" value is 2.0 or greater and it matches these numbers very closely.

So how could my bot not be winning? After double checking all my code lớn convince myself that my bot was not incorrectly logging its results, I figured out what I believe sầu to lớn be the answer.

The way the game works, when a "crash" value of 2.00 is chosen, the game "crashes" at what appears to be the instant 2.00 is reached. You cannot manually cash out at 2.00 when the crash value is 2.00, the lathử nghiệm you can possible cash at is at 1.99. This means that you are systematically getting 0.01 less of a multiplier on your winnings than the odds might suggest.

The simplest evidence for this is to lớn notice that if you imagine trying to cash out instantly at 1.0, their odds say that there is absolutely no house edge in this case. Here is a screen shot of this from their own odds calculator:


Crash values of 1.00 bởi appear as shown here:

In reality it is entirely possible to lớn try and cash out at 1.00 và khổng lồ fail and have a crash at least if you manually click the cash out button or have your bot dynamically attempt to cash out. It is possible that if you use the "automatic cashout" at a premix value when you choose your bet that you bởi vì get the odds that the game claims, but I believe sầu that when you trigger a cashout mid game


This is all just may opinion & may be wrong, but it is my best guess as khổng lồ what is going on based on my experience & the data from my bot over 50K rounds of play. is fun và I lượt thích the game, but I personally have sầu stopped playing there because I am not confident that the odds that the site lists reflect the odds the you actually get as a player. If anyone has proof that I am wrong I"d love sầu to hear it và maybe I"ll turn my bot baông xã on và have it bet tiny amount for a few thous& more rounds khổng lồ see if maybe I just got very very unlucky.

I have no stake in or any of their competitors & this information is just my personal thoughts for entertainment value.

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