Tác giảHidenori Kusaka Satoshi Yamamoto
Nhà xuất bảnViz Media, Subs. Of Shogakukan Inc
Ngày phát hành13 May 2021
Loại bìaPaperback
Số trang208 pages
Cân nặngn/a
Kích thước127x191mm

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Awesome Pokemon adventures inspired by the best-selling Pokemon đen 2 & White 2 đoạn clip games! Two years have passed since Team Plasma was defeated và Trainer đen was sucked into the Light Stone along with Legendary Pokemon Reshiram... Now Team Plasma is back khổng lồ its wicked ways, controlling other people’s Pokemon and even wild Pokemon with technology. Luckily, a new young nhân vật and Looker of the International Police are on their trail... Castelia đô thị has been frozen over by Kyurem and is now locked in ice. Trắng is still searching for the whereabouts of Black, who has been missing since the battle against Ghetsis. And Fennel has come up with a theory that the Light Stone is actually connected khổng lồ the Pokemon Dream World. Will Black, White, Blake and Whitley be able lớn team up in time to lớn stop Ghetsis, Colress & Kyurem at the Giant Chasm?
Hidenori Kusaka is the writer for VIZ Media’s Pokemon Adventures. Running continuously for over 20 years, Pokemon Adventures is the only manga series to completely cover all the Pokemon games & has become one of the most popular series of all time.

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Kusaka is currently working on the 14th story arc, Pokemon: Sun và Moon. In addition to lớn writing manga, he also edits children’s books and plans mixed-media projects for Shogakukan’s children’s magazines. He uses the Pokemon Electrode as his author portrait. Satoshi Yamamoto is the artist for VIZ Media’s Pokemon Adventures, which he began working on in 2001, starting with volume 10. Yamamoto launched his manga career in 1993 with the horror-action title Kimen Senshi, which ran in Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine, followed by the series Kaze no Denshosha. He is currently working on the 14th story arc in the Pokemon series, Pokemon: Sun và Moon. Yamamoto’s favorite manga creators/artists include Fujiko Fujio (Doraemon), Yukinobu Hoshino (2001 Nights) and Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira). He loves films, monsters, mysteries, punk rock music & livin’ the good life. He uses the Pokemon Swalot as his artist portrait.

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