Minecraft username generator

Minecraft.net"s splash page (Image via Mojang)

When playing Minecraft multiplayer, a player"s name is one of the first things others will notice about them.

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However, sometimes players need khổng lồ update their name for the sake of their identity. People go through changes, & sometimes changing a Minecraft name is necessary to reflect who a player is, especially when compared lớn a previous name that identified them.

Other times, players just need something different when it comes to lớn naming themselves. Whatever the case or reasoning, changing one"s name in Minecraft is fairly straightforward in Java Edition, though there"s a sort of a catch for Bedrock Edition users.

Minecraft: Enacting a name change on Java and Bedrock versions

Changing a player"s name begins at the game"s official site at Minecraft.net. On this site, in the top-right of the jump page, there is a login link. After clicking this, players will be asked khổng lồ enter their information. Players will either need lớn enter their Microsoft trương mục information or their Mojang trương mục information if they haven"t integrated their Mojang tài khoản with Xbox Live.

For the complete Minecraftwiki, click here.

Either way, once players have entered their information, they"ll make their way khổng lồ the profile screen. Here, a player"s in-game name, as well as Xbox gamertag, should be present. For Java Edition players, click the change link, which will bring up a thực đơn with a text field. Players can then simply input their new name và then press "change profile name." If the new name is available, it will take effect immediately.

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This can only be done once every 30 days however, so players should be certain that their new name is one they"d lượt thích to keep for at least one month. Their previous names will also be up for grabs by other players, which is worth noting as well.

Check out the Minecraft Skindex here.


Changing one"s name for Bedrock Edition will require some extra steps, as well as a potential monetary charge. On the same profile page, Bedrock players will need to lớn select "change trương mục settings on Microsoft.com" and from the Microsoft page select "your info" in the top-left of the screen. At the bottom of the Your Info page, a player"s linked Xbox profile should be present. By clicking this Xbox link, players will jump khổng lồ their Xbox Live profile.

On the Xbox Live screen, players will select the "customize" button, then click on the pencil icon next to their gamertag. This will bring the player to lớn a screen where they can enter a new gamertag.

The detailed Minecraft Beginners Guide is available here.

After entering the new tag, players can press "check availability" to make certain that the tag is available. Once players are happy with a new gamertag, they can commit khổng lồ the tag change and proceed. If this is the first time a player has changed their gamertag, they"ll receive the change for free. However, Xbox Live"s services may charge players for subsequent gamertag changes.

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