Isekai mahou wa okureteru!

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ok first warning in advance as this is the first Review i am writing. i have read many light novels but this is the first đánh giá. also spoiler now this is a great light novel. At first glance anyone would think that it is just another one of those shitty isekai genre novel with mc who at first refuses t fight the demon king but in the kết thúc is the one who defeats hlặng and along the way builds his own harem. i just started reading it for a way lớn kill time, but man i got so hooked up on it. the character development is just totally great and awesome. the story is the same as in other isekai genre about getting summoned to another world and has khổng lồ fight the demon lord as the anh hùng, but the story is not pointed towards the nhân vật himself but towards his best who was just dragged in the summoning & refuses khổng lồ help the hero in fighting against the demon king và as always, the best friover is lượt thích the overpowered god in that world, being a magician already from his original world and finds that the magic in the summoned world as a serious joke. well he sure builds his harem while on journey lớn find a way trang chính. but what makes it different from other isekai genre LN's is the character development. the character development is up top, giving a feel like this is an entire new genre though already read this isekai genre many times it just gives a different feel. & also there is not only one nhân vật but 4 heroes in total. while the mc suimei is the overpowered god his companions are not be taken light of and plus there are more overpowered guys (probably 4) lượt thích suimei. the illustrstions are quite good but feels lượt thích they are too little. the reactions of the characters are too real though not as exact as what we would vày but they too cthua trận to reality making it more enjoyable.anyway it is great light novel totally worth giving your time for some good shit.

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