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Starting with January 2021, most browsers stopped supporting Flash Technology, making it impossible khổng lồ run games lượt thích Dress Me Up. However, you can still play this game using our custom Browser. Give sầu it a try!

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The Winx girls need a makeover in the Dress Me Up game. The got very bored with their looks and want something very new và refreshing. Can you change their clothes and hair until they become the most beautiful fairies the world has ever seen?

You can try on as many clothes as you want, from elegant dresses khổng lồ blue jeans. Dressing up has never been easier! With just a cliông xã, you can create awesome outfits! Not knowing what khổng lồ wear is so last season!

Do it from scratch!

This game is not your usual dress up game where you only have a couple of dresses & shoes you can work with. Now you can start from the very beginning. Everything is a white canvas, including the girl or boy you are dressing up.

You can choose the skin tone, the eyes, mouth, & even the nose! The Model can look exactly like a character in Winx, or you can create somebody toàn thân unique! Maybe you could also make one that resembles you or your friend!

After that, piông chồng a haircut that matches your expectations, and then it's time to lớn get lớn the real business. The whole Winx wardrobe belongs to you! Challenge your imagination và find an outfit fit for the occasion.

Useful Tips

Don't forget khổng lồ add the indispensable wings & accessories. Only then will your outfit be truly complete! When you are finished, choose a superpower for your fairy that will match her personality. Save sầu your character, and then you're done!

You can also create a New Pixit. Pick one of the backgrounds you have sầu displayed before you và add your Winx! Find her a pet or other things that could be put in the picture as well. Create a magical picture & save it to lớn see it in the Winx gallery.

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