King's candy crush soda saga exceeds $2 billion in lifetime revenue

Riccarvì Zacconi is the co-founder of King, the company behind “Candy Crush Saga” that was sold for $5.9 billion in năm nhâm thìn. He gives the inside story of the game that has hit the sweet spot for millions around the world.

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iccarvày Zacconi’s business nearly went bankrupt in 2003. The dot-com bubble had burst, Zacconi had put all of his money inkhổng lồ start-up gaming company Midasplayer, và he và his co-founders had spent the year trying & failing to find investment. It was just before Christmas and they needed to find the money before the holidays, or they would have khổng lồ shut the company down.

Zacconi had put around half a million dollars inlớn the business, made from the sale of dating website uDate to và he had attempted khổng lồ reduce all personal costs khổng lồ zero by selling his possessions và staying with a friover.

He and his co-founders had put their money inlớn Midasplayer at the start of 2003. “Then I put the rest of my money in August of 2003. And we were basically both feet in the venture, in the boat. So, we had lớn navigate. There was no option out,” Zacconi told’s “The Brave sầu Ones.”

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Then one investor gave sầu Midasplayer a lifeline: Zacconi’s former boss Mel Morris, the founder of uDate. But for Morris to lớn make the cash available, his trustees had khổng lồ give sầu permission & there was no sign of the paperwork coming through.

It got to lớn Christmas Eve và Zacconi thought he would have to lớn abandon the business.

“I had a flight booked in the evening lớn fly baông chồng khổng lồ Italy. And the signed papers with the financing had still not arrived. So, we would’ve sầu had to lớn sign lớn shut down the company that day,” Zacconi said.

“And I will never forget. I was physically on the floor, sitting on the floor with my co-founder. We were really destroyed. And suddenly, we heard that a fax was coming through. And in the middle of the fax, the fax machine broke down. So we bought a new fax machine. The contract was signed. And so, we could continue,” he added.

The business was saved, and eventually went on to lớn become one of the world’s most successful gaming companies, with “Candy Crush Saga” making $258 million in the third quarter of 2019 alone according to lớn data from consultancy Sensor Tower. But its near-bankruptcy was the first of many struggles the company would have sầu to go through before making “Candy Crush Saga” work on a massive sầu scale.

“Candy Crush Saga” was launched by King in November 2012, & by November 2017 it, plus “Candy Crush Sodomain authority Saga” và “Candy Crush Jelly Saga” had been downloaded 2.73 billion times.

King had revenues of $2.1 billion in the fiscal year which ended September 2015, và in November that same year Activision Blizzard announced it would acquire King for $5.9 billion, in an effort khổng lồ reach điện thoại gamers. Co-founder Zacconi owned 9.9% of King, meaning his stake was worth about $584 million.

That $5.9 billion price tag is higher than the sums paid for Marvel and Lucasfilm, which Disney bought for around $4 billion each.

King’s games, which also include “Bubble Witch Saga,” “Farm Heroes Saga” và “Pet Rescue Saga,” had 247 million monthly active users (MAU) as of the third quarter 2019, down from 262 million a year prior according lớn Activision Blizzard’s lakiểm tra results statement.

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