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The Steam Error Failed to Start trò chơi (Missing Executable) is an error that can occur when you are trying to open a trò chơi via Steam. The error is not specific khổng lồ any game & can occur with any game. Recently large number XCOM players have reported the issue after an update. The Steam Error Missing executable comes along with a verity of messages from error occurred while updating, installing, etc. And ‘missing executable’ in brackets. Regardless of the variation in the message, the error is similar & common fixes can resolve the error.

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Whenever a game is installed on Steam, it creates an executable within the Steam thư mục for that game. When there is a problem with this executable, the error occurs. The missing executable error can arise due khổng lồ a range of issues from lack of privileges, corrupt trò chơi files, antivirus, or corrupt Steam cache.

One of the above problems is the reason you have encountered this Steam error. Here are the five fixes that are known to lớn resolve this error.

Fix 1: Provide Steam Admin và Full Permission

Lack of permission to lớn the Steam client can prevent it from performing certain operations. Hence, you must provide it admin permission và the error might be fixed. You could run Steam with admin permission for a single run or provide the permission permanently. Since, it’s essential và you must always run Steam with admin permission we are going to nội dung the steps to provide permanent permission. Here are the steps.

Right-click on the desktop shortcut of Steam và select PropertiesGo to lớn the Compatibility tabCheck Run this program as an administratorClick on Apply and OK.

Now, let’s provide the Steam thư mục full permission. Here are the steps to lớn follow.

Locate Steam (follow the path C:Program Files (x86)Steam)

2. Right-click on the Steam Folder and select Properties

3. Go to lớn the Security tab và click on Edit…


4. Kiểm tra Allow for Full control


5. Click ApplyOK

Once you have performed the above steps, try launching the game and check if the Steam Error Failed lớn Start game (Missing Executable) still occurs.

Fix 2: Repair the Steam Library and kiểm tra the game Files for Corruption

One of the most likely cause of the Steam Error Failed khổng lồ Start trò chơi (Missing Executable) is corrupted trò chơi files. Since the tệp tin is corrupted, Steam cannot launch the game & results in the error. Thankfully, Steam has a very efficient function that can detect corrupted trò chơi files & replace it will a new copy. The feature in Steam is called Verify Integrity of Game. We will also repair the Steam library in case that’s the culprit. Steam Library thư mục is where all the games are installed on your PC. Here are the steps for both the processes.

First, verify the integrity of trò chơi files, in this case we vị it for XCOM, but you can vì chưng it for your game.

Launch the Steam clientFrom the LIBRARY, right-click on XCOM and select PropertiesGo to lớn LOCAL FILES & click on VERIFY INTEGRITY OF game FILES…Allow for the process lớn complete. If there are corrupt files, Steam will tải về them automatically.

Now, let’s repair the Steam Library folders. Here are the steps.

Launch Steam > Steam > Settings > Downloads

2. Click on Steam Library Folders


3. Right-click on the SteamLibrary folder & select Repair Library Folder


4. You will be prompted for permissions by Steam và Windows, grant them.

After performing the above processes, check if the Steam Error Failed khổng lồ Start trò chơi (Missing Executable) error still occurs.

Fix 3: địa chỉ Exclusion to Windows Virus & Threat Protection or Third-party Antivirus

A lot of program don’t pair well with the Windows Security or third-party anti-virus software. Sometimes the antivirus can mistake Steam or its functions as malware or suspicious, it will then suspend some of its operations which can lead to the Steam Error Failed lớn Start game (Missing Executable). You can fix the issue by disabling the security software, but that can be dangerous as your system becomes vulnerable to lớn attacks. Hence, you must exclude Steam from the rules of the antivirus. So, it bypasses the scrutiny of the antivirus. Here are the steps you can follow.

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Windows Virus và Threat Protection

Press Windows Key + I and select Update & SecurityClick on Windows Security, select Virus và Threat ProtectionUnder Virus & threat protection settings, click on Manage settingsLocate Exclusions by scrolling down, click on Add or remove exclusionsClick on Add an exclusion and select FolderBrowse the Steam folder at C:Program Files (x86)Steam and mix the exclusion.

Kaspersky mạng internet Security

Home >> Settings >> Additional >> Threats and Exclusions >> Exclusions >> Specify Trusted Applications >> Add.


Home >> Settings >> Components >> website Shield >> Exceptions >> mix the exception.

Avast Antivirus

Home >> Settings >> General >> Exclusions >> mix the exclusion.

Fix 4: Play the trò chơi Directly

If you are unable khổng lồ launch the game from Steam, you could try and launch it directly from the installed folder. For this you have khổng lồ go khổng lồ the directory where the .exe of the game is located. This steps bypasses Steam and can possibly fix the issue.

Here is the path you need to lớn follow: C: > Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > common

Once you reach this destination, you will see a danh sách of all games installed on Steam. Select the trò chơi that’s causing the issue and xuất hiện it. Look for a folder named ‘game’ and xuất hiện it. Now, look another folder named ‘bin’. After you xuất hiện ‘bin’, you will see two folders Win32 and win64, depending on your system select the folder. For example, if your system is 64-bit, select the win64 folder.

Now, you can see the executable of the game with the .exe extension. Right-click on the .exe file and select Run as administrator. The trò chơi should work without Steam Error Failed to Start game (Missing Executable) popping up.

Fix 5: Deleting trò chơi Files

If all the above steps have failed to lớn fix the error, you can delete the local files of the game và Steam will re-download it. Sometimes, when you change the location of the trò chơi files or other configuration error can occur that can cause this problem. Re-downloading the game will fix the issue. Here are the steps you can follow.

Launch the Steam Client

2. Go to Library

3. Select the game & right-click, select Properties

4. Go to lớn the Local Files tab and click on Browse Local Files


5. You will be redirected to a new folder, Delete everything in this folder.

6. Close Steam completely from Task Manager.

7. Launch the Steam client again. Steam will re-download the game.

Once the download is complete, check if the error “an error occurred while updating XCOM 2 (missing executable)” still occurs.

Fix 6: Delete Steam Configuration Files

If none of the above solutions have worked lớn resolve the error, you may want khổng lồ refresh the steam client so all the configurations are deleted but your games & other data remain intact. If you want to know more about this step you can comment.

By now, we hope your Steam Error Failed to lớn Start game (Missing Executable) is fixed.

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