Gta 3 vice city beautification project

It's hard to lớn resist the charm of classic Grand Theft Auto games like Vice City. Although Vice City is terribly antiquated by today's standards, revisiting the game's sun-baked shores is still a treat. Although an official remaster has finally hit the shelves, mods for this trò chơi are still worth trying out.

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Luckily, there's an extensive collection of mods for Vice City that attempt to lớn bring this classic title out of the dark ages & into the modern era. Whether it's updated graphics or new features entirely, these nifty mods should make replaying Vice City more of a joy & less of a headache.

Updated December 30, 2021 by Mark Hospodar: Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - Definitive Edition has finally been released. These beloved titles, however, experienced a bit of a rocky launch since first hitting the shelves in their remastered state in November.

Mods for Grand Theft Auto: Vice city are still an option for players either disillusioned or unsure about the Definitive Edition. A handful of additional mods have been added to lớn this list in the interest of casting a wide net for fans interested in resurrecting this blast from the past.

Mod Loader


Before diving into the mod menu proper, it's worth mentioning a handy little tool that will make the player's life a lot easier. Modding games as old as Vice City is very rarely a straightforward process. Keeping everything organized for when things go wrong is important and ultimately saves time.

The gian lận Loader is highly recommended when installing add-ons for Vice City. It beats rooting around the game's file directories to lớn find the correct installation paths. Thủ thuật Loader does practically all the work by itself, which is always a plus. Players installing multiple mods should tải về this handy tool as well khổng lồ create a smoother process.

12 Silent Patch


Delivering a smoother & more bug-free experience than the original should be at the top of the list for any remaster. Vice City is an old game, và no longer receives regular updates from the developers to lớn fix lingering problems and bugs.

For that, installing the Silent Patch should be step #1 when looking to overhaul Vice City. The collection of fixes this mod provides is extensive, so it's worth perusing the mô tả tìm kiếm page for the full list. Suffice to say, Vice City will run a lot smoother with the Silent Patch installed.

11 Widescreen Fix


The kind of widescreen monitors that most players are familiar with today didn't exist in 2002. As such, playing Vice City today on a modern thiết lập doesn't look quite right. Fortunately, players can install the Widescreen Fix thủ thuật to solve the issue.

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The Widescreen Fix mod doesn't bởi anything too fancy. It simply fixes things lượt thích the game's aspect ratio, HUD, & FOV to better fit the kích cỡ of contemporary monitors. Before thinking about another playthrough, this thủ thuật should definitely be given consideration.

10 Vice City: Definitive Edition


When searching for a competent, all-in-one overhaul, the Vice City: Definitive Edition thủ thuật is a worthy choice. If players don't want to lớn waste time installing multiple mods one at a time, this comprehensive package is the perfect solution.

Vice City: Definitive Edition fixes many of the problems that still plague the game even after all these years. Vice City will not only run better but look better too. Textures are upscaled, gamepads are given support, and the ability to lớn run the game in 60 FPS is also provided.

9 Vice city Retexture Project


The remastered version of the Grand Theft auto trilogy has been met with a divisive reception. Those looking for a stabler or alternative experience while the official version works out the kinks should take a look at the Final Remastered Edition mod.

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The Final Remastered Edition incorporates a collection of other mods within its package. Fans can expect crisper visuals, fewer bugs và crashes, và increased draw distance, to name just a few features. If anyone is on the fence about the remastered trilogy, this hack is worth the time.

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7 Vice city HD Edition

There are a lot of mods that give Vice City's visuals more panache. One aspect of the presentation that fans should consider improving is the various tertiary effects in the game. Taken together, these effects can have a noticeable impact on the overall look of the game.

Vice City: HD Effects upgrades many of the particles in the environment. Textures and effects such as gun flashes, blood, smoke, & tire marks are all given the HD treatment. It's not perfect, but it helps make Vice City appear more realistic by today's standards.

4 Vice thành phố ENB Series

If players want lớn try to lớn take the game's visuals to lớn the next level, then installing an ENB is the next step. When all the texture mods have been exhausted, an ENB will make Vice City's environment pop even more than it did before.

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The Vice thành phố ENB Series thủ thuật will further amplify many of the environmental effects encountered in the game. Things lượt thích reflections & sun glare will now appear more natural & realistic. It's worth giving a try while making the rest of the trò chơi look as beautiful as possible.

3 MeTV Radio

One of the highlights of Vice City at the time of its release was its excellent collection of 80s music. Tooling around the maps listening to lớn the decade's vị trí cao nhất artists is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game. Why not make the selection even better by adding more music?

The MeTV Radio mod does just that by adding over six hours of 80s hits khổng lồ Vice City's radio stations. Now, it won't be quite as easy to lớn run out of things khổng lồ listen lớn while exploring the trò chơi world và seeing everything that's on offer.

2 Vice thành phố Big Mission Pack

Since Vice City's release in 2002, open-world video games have only gotten bigger in their scope. Players may find that they run out of activities to lớn perform quicker than they remembered. Adding brand new nội dung to the proceedings is the solution.

The Vice thành phố Big Mission Pack hack strives to lớn increase the game's longevity by incorporating new tasks for Tommy to complete. More than 60 new missions are included to further occupy the player's time, ensuring that fans won't be leaving the shores of Vice City too soon.

1 New Vice City

In a similar vein lớn the previous mod, the primary aim of New Vice city is khổng lồ add additional features and activities not present in the vanilla version. Added together, the gian lận attempts to make the trò chơi a more immersive & long-lived experience.

New Vice City's list of features is extensive, but fans should find them interesting enough. More hardcore mechanics such as cars requiring fuel and Tommy needing khổng lồ eat regularly are included. There are also other abilities like being able to gọi a cab or even emergency services, much like the player can do in Grand Theft tự động hóa 5.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - Definitive Edition is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, và Switch.

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