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Our most valuable resource is our people, who carry forth Dai Dung's traditions, values, và long-standing reputation for performance. We invest the time & energy to lớn recruit, train and develop the best talent in our industry. Please see the below job openings and liên hệ us with inquiries about joining our team. Dai Dung Construction Company, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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human resources policy

1. HR Strategy:Building workforce with a right attitude và appropriate skills to lớn operate the administrative sầu system with growth.Building an excellent workforce with a dedicated spirit, sense of self-training, ability khổng lồ work with another colleagues khổng lồ maitain chất lượng core values of Dai Dung.2. Policies of Dai Dung human resource development:Human resourses are precious & crucial. Building human resources have capability lớn meet the business development process of pre-engineered steel buildings, steel structure of the company & lớn participate in nation building. Dai Dung are conducting a long-term training programs by training programs & assigning appropriate work to create the best environment for human resources development accompanied by the development of company. Focus on the development of internal staff và next generation, recruit work labor from outside & foreign experts being capable of training. Intergrate Human resources with company culture reasonably to keep the core value that the company has formed.3. Recruitment policy:Unity và publicity throughout the system. Recruit by needs và standards. Preferred staffs with experience in pre-engineered steel buildings, steel structures và have sầu work labor locally.

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4. Training policy:As the leading important task in building and developing human resource. Apply diversity training programs: integrating, improving skills, applying new technologies ..., by internal or external resoures. Focus on practical training : subordinates- staff training. Rotation training through practical work.5. Human resource Management and Development Policy:Labor Management is in accordance with the laws và rules’s state as well as regulations và policies of company. Build working relationship based on company’s culture. Human resources management originates from the major units, have sense of strict decentralization và responsibility. Describe task, define responsibilities & powers lớn each title. Promote, reward and give sầu remuneration based on attitudes và capađô thị of each individual.6. Policy salaries, bonuses, preferential regimes và welfare:Guaranteed income of employees competitive & commensurated with the units at the same industrial field, at the same time & same area. Salary income including base salary & allowances with the effort, responsibility và labor efficiency. The outstanding achievements of collective sầu & individuals will be honored and rewarded, timely, open and fair. Regularly mid-year và end- year Rewarding depends on business results. Irregular Rewarding bases on personal and collective achievement.7. Treatment regimes và welfare:Support further cases in social insurance, health insurance & unemployment insurance. Covers lunch, houses, staff’s bus. Unikhung và workwear. Perform periodic health examinations for employees. Organization to resort and cultural activities (Dai Dung family festival, 8-3 ....) Take care of employee’s material and spiritual life(wedding gifts, grants difficulties, illness, taste pleasure, scholarships, international children's day ...).

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