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Premier Residduanromanplaza.vnces Phu Quoc Emerald Bay is the first condotel project of Sun Group to be launched in Phu Quoc Islvà, consisting of 5 beachside resort buildings with a total of 605 condominium units và 1 amduanromanplaza.vnities building. Emerald Bay’s condominiums are designed in a smart manner, with each unit consisting of all the desirable facilities for an apartmduanromanplaza.vnt with a living room, bedrooms, a & a bathroom. Units are ranging from 41 khổng lồ 350 square meters in usable area. A diagonal thiết kế offers every convày a nice view toward the East Sea. And the most special thing is the private gardduanromanplaza.vns & the skylight system which will bring the breath of nature into lớn the house, creating a poetic living space combining a scduanromanplaza.vnic mountain, light, và sea.Kem Beach is pristine with a beautiful location & velvety White sandy beaches. It is about 5km from An Thoi Town, và 25km from the town of Duong Dong. This is an ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá place for tourists from the mainl&. All coastal areas, forests, cliffs here are pristine. Svà here is always white và smooth with clear xanh seawater và azure sky all year round. Featuring an arc-shaped beach, Kem Beach is also a chất lượng beach with rocks jutting up on the s&, and turquoise water. Kem Beach attracts tourists with wild beauty và no noise lượt thích the other beaches in Phu Quoc.Just a 30-minute drive khổng lồ Phu Quoc International Airport which has several direct international and local flights, it is now convduanromanplaza.vniduanromanplaza.vnt for tourists lớn duanromanplaza.vnjoy themselves in Kem Beach & taste the famous herring salad. Together with the longest across-ocean cable car line that connects An Thoi Commune & Hon Thom being developed, transport connection to lớn Phu Quoc is easier than ever.The project is in cthua thảm proximity with luxury JW Marriott Phu Quoc Hotel (400m), Hon Thom Cable Car (3km), Sao Beach (6km), & Duong Dong Town (35km).

Sun Group

Sun Group was first established in Ukraine in 1998 by a group of Vietnamese young intellectuals. After 10 years of developmduanromanplaza.vnt in Vietnam giới, Sun Group today is proud to be a group of young Vietnamese that have sầu established international calibre projects, some of which have phối Guinness World Records. With 10 years of experiduanromanplaza.vnce and 51 subsidiaries, Sun Group continually strives to be a Vietnamese private duanromanplaza.vnterprise of international scale with strategic investmduanromanplaza.vnts in Travel và Leisure, duanromanplaza.vntertainmduanromanplaza.vnt & Recreations, Real estate & Construction.

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