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Clash of Clans, also known as CoC for short, has been released for almost ten years (11 years for the game ios platform). The empire keeps growing, and many new players join the battle to snatch resources for their villages! But the clan wars are brutal to fight, và it would be a shame if you can"t protect your village from an attack from other clans. In order lớn make faster progress & upgrade everything effectively, many players would like to play CoC on PC.

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Playing Clash of Clans on your powerful computer is a smart choice, and there is an urgent need to bởi vì so! It has been noticed that many players would tìm kiếm something like "how lớn play clash of clans on pc," "clash of clans game download for pc," etc., to lớn find the best way to run CoC on PC, & if you are one of them, you have come to the right place. is the most effective và useful apk emulator you can utilize to lớn play Clash of Clans. With its newest release of 9, you can enjoy fast & optimized game play because it has taken both of its older version"s best features while empowering it with the apk 9, which the developers tweak to lớn provide the best experience for gaming.

As a result of its configuration with the 64-bit meta-framework, which allows both 64-bit và 32-bit APKs, it has more excellent compatibility with both versions & elements the use of two emulators to execute 64-bit and 32-bit APKs.

Why vày People Love to Play Clash of Clans?

Before we talk about anything else, let"s figure out why Clash of Clans is so popular và why people love lớn stick to lớn the game. You may find out that some CoC fans are like-minded. Here is an exciting answer from Quora.

"I"ve been a COC addict. I thought off it as a career option as I was so good at it. The patience to achieve greatness, a feeling of glory over your enemies, & most of all, the respect among your friends. They treat you as God when they get to know you"re TH9 while they are TH6. The best of it is that you"ll be able khổng lồ build a clan & then lead the clan from the front, get khổng lồ be the best of all clans." ---Nilesh Ranjan

Yes, Clash of Clans requires players lớn build their own villages & summon troops lớn protect villages from foreign invasion and attack other players. Players can also conjoin to lớn create clans, groups of up to fifty players who can then participate in Clan Wars together, donate and receive troops, và chat with each other. CoC works lượt thích a charm, và it receives many positive reviews. The high ratings from many critics explain its widespread popularity.

How Can We Play Clash of Clans Online on PC?

Technically, Clash of Clans is a smartphone strategy video game và players need khổng lồ use smartphones to download&play CoC. But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t play Clash of Clans on PC. To play CoC for PC, you need help from an app android Emulator.


The Bridge between Mobile và Computer 9 can enable you to experience sản phẩm điện thoại apps/games on your computer. This creative software provides the opportunity of running a virtual sản phẩm điện thoại on a PC. It connects two of the most powerful digital products in the world!

There are many brands of emulators available for your choice. But 9 is recommended as it is the fastest and most reliable emulator for playing CoC online on your computer. It supports excellent compatibility for game android games and provides smooth running performance on Windows. Moreover, your gameplay will be improved with better graphics supported by 9.

Because more powerful graphic rendering công nghệ is used in 9 to recover game elements, it is capable fixes graphical issues, including blurry pictures, low quality, và red spots. 9 also will fix the issue of certain users being unable to lớn use high-quality game settings because of their devices.

As a không lấy phí Android emulator with high quality, through comparison, tends khổng lồ outperform other emulators; is worthy of your support! Please click the following button to download This is the first step lớn greatness!



Install Clash of Clans inside

Once you finish setting up, you will need to tải về Clash of Clans from LD Store (or Google Play) on your fresh game android emulator. This is similar khổng lồ what you normally do on your điện thoại phone. You will be required lớn log in lớn your Google account during the installation, & if you have a CoC village already connected to your Google account, you will have lớn use it now.

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What are the Advantages of Playing CoC on PC with

It has been noticed that a lot of CoC players advance their trò chơi progress fairly slowly. Some of them can’t even catch up to the average level, và this may cause them to thua the fun of the game! Part of the reason is that the limitations of using the mobile phone to lớn play CoC will slow down your trò chơi progress. But things are going khổng lồ be different now with!


Your phone might be used for other things

Your phone is old and can’t run CoC smoothly

Your phone is in low battery condition

Play CoC with such a small touch screen


Make use of your computer

The computer is more powerful than a phone

Won’t happen on your computer

Big screen, keyboard, & mouse

Playing Clash of Clans online with can bring you more benefits than you might think. One CoC tín đồ uploaded a “great helper” on LD Store called “XiaoxiCocScript,” which can enable you khổng lồ play CoC automatically. Read this tutorial: How to Play Clash of Clans Automatically.

More Help from an Intermediate"s Guide to lớn Grow Faster

1. Keep as many builders as possible busy all the time.

2. Keep your laboratory busy most of the time.

3. Be smart about what you build và when you build it.

4. Raid efficiently so that you can “fund” your activities.

5. Follow some simple rules and copy others when laying out your town.

6. Fight wars, trophy push, smash people with hogs, etc. To lớn have fun, but don’t forget #4 since it is what will “pay the bills.”

Read More from Here: An Intermediate"s Guide to Growing Fast in Clash of Clans


Common Clash of Clans Abbreviations

This is for new (and old) players to understand some abbreviations from Clash of Clans. We hope this will help you get along well with your clan and the community!

CoC = Clash of Clans

Lix = Elixir

DE = Dark Elixir

TH = Town Hall

WT = Wizard Tower

AT = Archer Tower

AD = Air Defense

CC = Clan Castle

Barb = Barbarian

Gob = Goblin

BK = Barbarian King

AQ = Archer Queen

Mr T = Guy who rides Hogs

SC = Supercell

Valk = Valkyrie.

WB = Wall Breaker

e = Elixir

g = Gold

GoWiPe = Golems Wizards Pekka

GoWipe ngươi Ars = Golems Wizards Pekka Minion Archers

♥♥♥ = What

♥♥♥♥ = Leave

TIA = thank you in advance

BRBR = be right back raiding

adpok = Archers Dragons Pekkas OK

np = no problemachmeds= wall breakers

premature TH= a person who upgraded their TH before upgrading the rest of his building sufficiently and so has trouble playing the game.



Clash of Clans has constantly been improving to lớn offer more fun experiences for Supercell gamers. Just enjoy this classic game, và there are more nội dung and updates waiting for us to explore. Hope everyone can have fun playing Clash of Clans on PC.

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