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I luv this game. Even as a 14 year old, I luv this. Lots of outfits, makeup, activities, a whole bunch! và good thing is, is that there is no man in her eyes. Only 2 things I have an issue with. 1, ads. I know ads are in everything but the ads in here tho are ANNOYING. And 2, Angela"s sleep bar declines real fast. But it"s great. Recommend this for all ages & genders. Peace.


This is no doubt a great game. Definitly a big upgrade, way more interactive, so much more lớn do và see và experiance with angela.

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I love the new ways khổng lồ play and what you can do in the trò chơi its great that there"s not as much limitations as before. Its just such a shame that I cant even play it becaise the ứng dụng keeps crashing và stopping. Lặng unable to vày anything, the screen freezes and sometimes even crashes my whole phone. This is the only issues I have. If this gets sorted I"d rate it 5⭐️

Run My Talking Angela 2 on PCIt is time to lớn make your day more stylish with fun và a talkative cat. Angela is being presented to you by Outfit 7, và this is the virtual pet game you have to enjoy a perfect day in your life. This is not just a cát because it is very stylish; it is now your time to lớn make her fit with her fashion and make her busier with the big đô thị home. It is My Talking Angela 2 when you are going lớn meet Angela with her needs.

Numerous Options to lớn Customize & EnjoyIf you want your Angela lớn be seen as a goth girl, you are allowed to bởi it, và if you would love khổng lồ see her as a stylish modern girl, that is also possible with My Talking Angela 2. My Talking Angela 2 is the perfect game that comes with all these customizations, và you are even allowed khổng lồ make your day with her by engaging with so many activities.Feed Angela with the tasty food you can get, & you are even allowed to make her travel as well as deploy with mini-games. But remember, she wants to lớn sleep at the end of the day. Và if you really want to make this game play for the next level, you have the 9 as the best option.

Earn More to vày More UpgradesWhen you deploy Angela lớn mini-games, you will be able khổng lồ earn some coins, which can be used to lớn upgrade her. She can upgrade her house và her outfit as well as she will be able to grow more. & this time is for you to lớn make her stylized more with more upgrades and more activities.

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