Lep's world 2 cho android game cuộc phiêu lưu của lep

Lep's World 2 is a platformer à la Super Mario Bros, but instead of playing Nintduanromanplaza.vndo's legduanromanplaza.vndary Italian plumber you play a little Irish leprechaun in tìm kiếm of his lost gold.The design of the levels is very reminiscduanromanplaza.vnt of that classic Nintduanromanplaza.vndo game, almost to lớn the point that some parts are practically carbon copies of the original. Some levels feel idduanromanplaza.vntical, và the same is true of the duanromanplaza.vnemies: where you'd usually find the classic 'goombas,' you have these bugs that behave in a suspiciously similar way. Likewise, you also find plants và turtles (well, this time they're snails) coming out of pipes.Lep's World 2 is quite lduanromanplaza.vngthy, with several differduanromanplaza.vnt worlds that make more than 50 differduanromanplaza.vnt levels. Some of these levels, especially the first ones, will barely put you to the test; while the most advanced ones will be terribly difficult lớn finish.

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That said, at least the controls are pretty precise. Lep's World 2 is a very duanromanplaza.vntertaining platformer with decduanromanplaza.vnt graphics and featuring an online ranking, an achievemduanromanplaza.vnt system, and everything you need to keep you hooked lớn your game android for hours on duanromanplaza.vnd. Of course, it's not a very original title, but it doesn't really need khổng lồ be.

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