Blade & soul


Blade & Soul Revolution is finally out in Western regions and you’ve likely jumped in to lớn see what all of the fuss is about. As you’ve probably noticed, the game is quite action-oriented. Outside of a few standard common areas, B&S Revolution has little similarities in terms of combat and game play with other MMOs.

While all of the classes in the game are really cool, the Force Master stands out as one of the most fun and versatile to lớn pick up! If you’ve been looking for a build lớn get yourself started, we’ve got the goods!

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May You Master the Force

And that’s going to bởi vì it for our Blade và Soul Revolution Force Master build guide. Out of all of the builds for this class out there, this one has by far the best fun-to-complexity ratio! The added benefit is that it’ll get you khổng lồ consider your defense when your cooldowns are off & need to lớn focus on evading until they’re back online.

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