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Cardi B spent the day at Disneyland with her 3-year-old daughter Kulture, whom she shares with husband Offset


Credit: Cardi B Instagram; Todd Williamson/E! Entertainment/NBCUniversal/NBCU Photo bank via Getty Images

The "Up" rapper, 29, recently spent a fun-filled day at Disneyland with her daughter Kulture Kiari, 3. On Sunday, Cardi shared adorable photos of her little girl's outfit for the day.

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Kulture posed in a Balenciaga t-shirt & sweatsuit. She paired her stylish look with Balenciaga sneakers và a đen crossbody purse before showing off her gold necklaces và dazzling gold watch.

In a short video, Cardi filmed Kulture holding up the watch as she sweetly told her mom that they needed lớn leave, saying, "We're late, Mommy. We need lớn hurry up."

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The rapper also shared a photo of the mother-daughter duo walking hand-in-hand when they arrived at Disneyland. Cardi documented their time at the amusement park on her Instagram Story as Kulture was all smiles on each ride.

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Cardi shares Kulture with husband Offset. The couple is also parents lớn a baby boy, whom they welcomed in September.

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Cardi is often showing off her little girl on Instagram. Kulture's last appearance on her mom's social truyền thông media accounts was during the holiday season when posing in front of their massive red Christmas trees at home.

Cardi wore a trắng satin dress while Kulture and stepdaughter Kalea, 6, matched in red dresses with dễ thương bows in their hair. 

The mom of two also posted a behind-the-scenes đoạn clip of Kulture's individual photo shoot. In the clip, Cardi called to lớn Offset as she raved over their daughter posing for the camera. "Soo much lượt thích me," she wrote.

The couple  tied the knot in September 2017. Cardi B revealed in September 2021 that the couple had welcomed their son, sharing the exciting news alongside a photo of her cradling her baby boy in her hospital bed while sitting next lớn Offset.

"We are so overjoyed khổng lồ finally meet our son," the couple said in a statement shared with duanromanplaza.vn at the time. "He is already loved so much by family và friends and we can't wait khổng lồ introduce him to his other siblings."

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