Ấu trùng tinh nghịch

Two curious worms spkết thúc their days investigating the otherworldly objects that fall through the grate into lớn their subterranean world.

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The larvae fight over a doughnut; Red, Yellow và Brown scramble to lớn keep a fire alive; The larvae try khổng lồ blochồng a blizzard from entering their shelter.

The larvae lead a rat on a high-wire chase; Red & Yellow find trouble in a jar of garlic cloves; Red awakens with creased eyelids that attract Pink.

The larvae get caught in the middle of a pigeon conversation; A nightmare about a deluge leads Red to build an ark; A mite becomes attached khổng lồ Yellow.

Brown's bad breath proves to lớn be deadly; The larvae và Brown see how high they can staông chồng objects; Yellow tests a few theories on who stole his food.

The larvae try to lớn escape a pair of windshield wipers; Yellow gets fed up with Red and seeks revenge; A bug collector traps the larvae và their pals.

A brain injury turns Yellow inkhổng lồ a high-tech superhero; Yellow finds himself adrift at sea; A stiông xã insect becomes an accidental fashion mã sản phẩm.

The larvae taunt a mosquikhổng lồ that's chasing them; The stick insect falls in love, but it has a deadly effect on him; The larvae get trapped on a ledge.

Yellow makes a sacrifice to lớn save Red; Red wants Yellow's girlfriover for himself; The larvae unexpectedly leave Thủ đô New York & are taken on a wild ride.

Curious worms Red và Yellow investigate the strange objects that fall through a grate inkhổng lồ their subterranean world.

Red and Yellow fight over an ice cream that falls down the grate. A strange liquid makes mushrooms grow. Red and Yellow get stuông chồng lớn the same gum.

Red và Yellow are hit by a bolt that gives them an amazing & mysterious power. After an emotional day, Red metamorphoses inkhổng lồ a cocoon.

Yellow and Red defend themselves from an attacking swarm of insects with snowballs. Red và Yellow are caught in a flood và in danger of drowning.

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It’s Christmas Eve sầu, Red và Yellow are freezing, & Santa Claus appears with a gift for them. A familiar-looking "terminator" visits the grate.

Yellow and Red are bitten by a mosquito lớn và turn inlớn vampires. The cloông chồng is keeping Red & Yellow awake, so Yellow starts nhảy.

Yellow and Red are stuck with superglue. A spider catches everyone in its website. Yellow decides khổng lồ take care of a baby chick.

A prince with magic powers falls into the grate & Red wants khổng lồ take advantage of hyên. A subterraneous Boss has swallowed Yellow, and Red’s next.

Pink turns inlớn a cocoon, about khổng lồ transform into a butterfly. Red & Yellow compete against Brown và Blachồng in a show on ice.

Lyrically gifted middle schooler Karma juggles rap dreams and rhyme schemes while using her talent, ambition & heart khổng lồ solve sầu any problem.
Political ploys, personal agendas & a beastly myth all surface as two mismatched hill station cops navigate a website of suspects after a puzzling murder.
Released from prison inkhổng lồ a society that won’t forgive sầu her past, a woman (Sandra Bullock) seeks redemption by searching for the sister she left behind.
The dating experiment comes to lớn Brazil as local singles look for true love và get engaged, all without meeting the other person face to lớn face.
Based on the Newbery-winning children's books, this animated film follows a young boy who runs away to an island khổng lồ rescue & befriover a baby rồng.
When a self-appointed expert on love sầu tries khổng lồ teach a timid prince the art of seduction, the plan backfires, leading khổng lồ scandal — and unexpected romance.
When his trang chính is threatened by humans, a young Long summons the courage khổng lồ seek a mythical paradise where dragons can live sầu in peace và fly miễn phí.
This drama series from Colin Kaeperniông xã và Ava DuVernay explores Kaepernick's high school years và the experiences that led hyên ổn lớn become an activist.

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