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The Resource Governance Index (RGI) measures the chất lượng of resource governance in 81 countries. One hundred & forty-nine questions were asked for each assessment và for each... read more

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Circular No.103/2014/TT-BTC: guidelines for the fulfillment of tax liabilities of foreign entities doing business or earning income in VietNam
This document is part of the source library for NRGI's 2017 Resource Governance Index, a comprehensive measure of the quality of natural resource governance in 81 oil, gas & mineral-rich countries. To access the full datamix & all other index resources, visit

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Field Value Extractive sầu Sector Country Year Natural Resource Charter Precept Document Type RGI Sub-component RGI Questions Did this document contribute to RGI scoring? Are the RGI questions here tagged with law and/or practice Publisher Author Source or API link Version Maintainer Maintainer Email
Oil và Gas
Viet Nam
Precept 4: Taxation
1.2.5d: Do rules specify the withholding tax rate(s) applying lớn extractive companies payments?
Used for scoring
Ministry of Finance MOF
2017 Resource Governance Index
Natural Resource Governance Institute
Natural Resource Governance Institute

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